Bengals Fans Wish Joe Burrow A Speedy Recovery After Unexpected Surgery At The Start Of Camp

Bengals Fans Wish Joe Burrow A Speedy Recovery After Unexpected Surgery At The Start Of Camp

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Just as NFL training camp kicked off and less than 10 days before the league’s first preseason game, news broke that Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow would be sidelined for a few weeks after undergoing unexpected surgery. The surgery came out of nowhere and there’s now a vague timetable for Joey B’s return.

As far as extremely invasive surgeries go, having an appendix removed is very common. There are about 300,000 emergency appendectomies performed each year in the United States and the surgery has a success rate of over 99%. So Joe Burrow doesn’t have much to worry about in terms of complications, but it’s still a large and invasive surgery requiring a great deal of healing.

NFL insider and reporter Ian Rapoport was the first to report that Joe Burrow was having his appendix removed. The Cleveland Clinic says a laparoscopic appendectomy “is associated with less pain and faster recovery time” but its unclear if Burrow will have that type.

Bengals Fans Wish Joe Burrow Speedy Recovery After Surprise Surgery

The new and improved Bengal OL?!?

When you say it like that….

I’m a little blown away by how many replies there are from people who have notifications turned on for Ian Rapoport…

Normal recovery from this type of surgery takes 2-4 weeks. Joe Burrow is a professional athlete meaning he’s in better shape than over 99% of the global population but most people recovering from an appendectomy aren’t getting tackled by NFL players in preseason games. So it remains to be seen when Joey B will make his NFL pre-season debut.

Here’s me wishing you a very speedy recovery, Joe Burrow!

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