Here Are The Best Football Cities In America, Ranked 1 to 142

by 5 years ago

Jeff Hanisch/USA Today Sports

The brainiacs over at WalletHub have released a comprehensive look at every football city and town across our great nation. Using an advanced algorithm, they’ve ranked them 1-142 in the name of creating bragging rights and pissing people off. It is important work.

Their top five?

  1. Green Bay, WI
  2. East Lansing, MI (hell yeah)
  3. Pittsburgh, PA
  4. Denver, CO
  5. Tuscaloosa, AL

Their bottom five?

  • 138. Colorado Springs, CO
  • 139. Akron, OH
  • 140. Mobile, AL
  • 141. Tulsa, OK
  • 142. Las Vegas, NV

Oh no. Las Vegas is last? Why will people ever go there now?

The site gave out several other awards, including friendliest fanbase, most accessible stadium and best performing teams. Check it out if you feel like feeling an overwhelming sense of pride or jealousy.

[H/T: WalletHub]