Someone Ranked The Best NFL Player For Each Jersey Number And See If You Can Spot The Most Undeserving Of All

Can you see it? Can you spot the jersey that makes you say, “Really, he’s the best that number has to offer? That clown? Well, shit.”

I’ll give you a hint. His jersey number rhymes with “Poo” and his name rhymes with Ratt Myan. Subtle hints, I know. But take a minute, you’ll guess who it is eventually. I have faith in you.

Truthfully, there are some other people on this list that make you scratch your head, but Matt Ryan is the only current player from the modern era who stood out like a whore in church. Or a whore anywhere for that matter. Not his fault though, he is just benefiting from the fact that not a lot of great players have worn the number 2.

[H/T Mitchell And Ness]