BetMGM Sportsbook Review – How I Found A New Favorite Sports Betting App

BetMGM sportsbook App

It seems like everywhere you turn, people are talking about sports betting.

Once left to Vegas casinos and only Vegas casinos, sportsbooks have gone digital, becoming a mainstay of day-to-day life, much as it is in Europe and other countries. The US sports betting industry is reporting skyrocketing numbers, with legal states like New York, New Jersey, Colorado, and Indiana recording hundreds of millions of dollars of sportsbook bets a month. Regulators in other states are moving quickly to allow sports betting and it won’t be long until every state in the US finally opens it’s doors to legal, online sports betting.

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By football season next year, dozens more states will have legal sports betting.

If you’re in a state with sports betting, you’re probably bombarded with commercials and advertisements for where to get in on the action. For gambling operators, it’s a nuclear arms race for customer acquisition at the moment, with sports books rolling out all kinds of offers, official partnerships, and new features to attract customers to their sportsbook platforms.

During a recent trip to New Jersey, I couldn’t help but notice how exhausting and overwhelming all the ads can be. Billboards along the highway, ads all over my newsfeed, ads all over my timeline, geo-targeted TV commercials during NBA and NFL games.

They’re everywhere!!!

You almost never see an honest-to-goodness sportsbook review.

So, how do you decide which book is good for you?

The industry is so new, so what makes a platform great?

After signing up for an account before the Super Bowl, I finally was able to deposit into my BetMGM account (… since you have to be in a state that permits wagering to make a bet). Upon deposit, I was able to take advantage of the app’s risk free bet up to $1000.

Credited in free bets, my betting power was instantly doubled by BetMGM – Can’t say that’s something that’s ever happens when you place a bet in a Vegas sportsbook.

Note: the BetMGM Super Bowl promo for Super Bowl 56 offers 20-1 odds boost which means that bettors can Bet $10, Win $200 if either team scores a touchdown. Click here to take advantage!

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BetMGM Sportsbook Review

Before I get into my BetMGM sportsbook review, let’s establish a fundamental principle about sports betting: It’s good, old-fashion fun. It’s exhilaratingly fun. Every aspect of the sports betting process – from strategizing with friends to making the wager itself – should be fun. The very hobby itself takes watching games to a whole new level. After all, you’re wagering on variables and outcomes – nothing is better than saying “I knew it!” and collecting the payout.

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It’s also important to note that it should be done responsibly. Only bet what you can. Keep track of your bets. Remember that oddsmakers are very good at their jobs at making lines. There are no sure things in life and sports – And that’s what makes this hobby so much fun.

BetMGM is a major player in the online sportsbook race, carving out an official partnerships with the NBA and NFL teams like the Tennessee Titans. You’re probably familiar with the MGM brand in the gaming space from their many, many established properties all over the world, especially in Vegas – Mandalay Bay, Park MGM, Bellagio, Aria, The Mirage, etc. Other MGM properties including the MGM Grand in  Detroit, National Harbor, and The Borgata in New Jersey.

BetMGM is the digital sportsbook by the same gaming operators as all those world-famous casinos – it’s built so you can place a bet at home on your phone, tablet, or computer, from the comfort of your couch while watching a game.

If you live in a state where BetMGM operates, you’ve probably seen their commercials with Jamie Foxx as a spokesperson.

What I Like about BetMGM: 

  • Deals with legit sports leagues and teams, from the NBA to NASCAR for true legitimacy.
  • A player-friendly interface and app that’s easy-to-use
  • Great promotions for new customers – IE: A risk free bet up to $1000
  • Widely available in most states with sports betting.
  • Boosted parlays and features like the new Parlay Builder

What Kind Of Bets Can I Do with BetMGM Sportsbook?

  • Totals
  • Futures
  • Moneyline
  • Live in-game betting
  • Parlay
  • Point spread
  • Props
  • Round Robin
  • Teaser

Where can I use BetMGM Sportsbook?

Wagers must be placed in a state that allows sportsbetting via mobile app. Currently, BetMGM operates in New York, New Jersey, Colorado, Indiana, West Virginia, Louisiana, Tennessee, Nevada, Michigan, Virginia, and Arizona.

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A few other key talking points in my BetMGM sportsbook review:

Easy and secure deposit and withdraw methods 

After you download the BetMGM app for your state, it’s just a couple of taps to make a deposit with most major credit cards. You will need the following to sign-up for a BetMGM account, which is all pretty par for the course:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Social Security number

Here are the main deposit methods. I didn’t have any issues in New Jersey depositing via credit card, but that experience from other new users varies based on your deposit method, issuer, and financial institution:

  • Direct bank transfer
  • E-Check/ACH
  • PayPal – Banking accounts only
  • PayNearMe
  • Visa/MasterCard/Discover
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Prepaid card
  • Casino cage

Here’s how you withdraw your money:

  • Electronic checks (e-check)
  • PayPal – Bank accounts only
  • Skrill
  • Check by Mail (over $500)
  • Payouts at the cashier at a location like The Borgata in New Jersey


New customer promo bonuses with free bets 

Digital sportsbook promo offers are the new sportsbook drink tickets.

If you’re a sports betting rookie like me, new customer promos with free bets are the best way to learn the ins and outs of the hobby. It gives you some wiggle room to figure out what kind of action you like and don’t like – Maybe you’re getting your feet wet with player prop bets in an NFL game or betting the over in the NBA Finals.

Eventually, the training wheels come off as you place more action in the app. These free bets are really credits that you can’t cashout until you hit a certain threshold of wagers tied to your initial deposit.

AND sometimes they surprise you with free promo bets in the platform, which completely rules.

Great App Design and Interface

So many betting apps and websites have such a lousy user experience that it serves as a big turnoff from actually using the app.

The BetMGM interface, however, rules. It’s sleek and sophisticated, easy on the eyes with a black and gold color scheme. Placing a bet with a couple taps is easy – simply find what you want to wager on and add it to your betslips, smack in the center of the app.

In-app Suggestions For Interesting Parlays

Ever go into a sportsbook and get instantly overwhelmed by all the things you can parlay? Me too.

But I LOVE the power of suggestion when it comes to interesting parlay options. Especially when it comes to parlaying prop bets, like Anthony Davis and Lebron both scoring 30+ points each in a game. On the home screen of the BetMGM app, the sportsbook provides some options, including boosts that come from cross-sports parlays, which always makes a big day of games really fun to watch:

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The BetMGM Parlay Builder

The BetMGM Parlay builder is an easy-to-use too that returns random selections based on the criteria set by the bettor. In other words, you don’t have to build out a bet slip just to see the payout of a parlay combination.

The tool is easily accessed on desktop on the right side of the page. On mobile, it’s accessible via the homepage.


Share My Bet

Remember rules #1 of sports betting: Sports betting should be fun! That means yakking it up with your friends, chomping about bets and action in the excitement of the moment.

BetMGM just added a tool called “Share My Bet” so you can send your open bets via a short URL on any social platform, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook or WhatsApp Messenger. It makes it easy to text your buddies about your pick. When someone clicks this link, the betslip will be populated with the same selections as the sender compiled.

So your whole crew can tail your bet… OR fade you and call out your picks for being trash in the group chat.

I hope this BetMGM review helps point you in the right direction for picking a sportsbook. Have fun and good luck!

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