6 NFL Betting Tips To Make Money This Season


You, me, and everyone else loves the NFL. Maybe you’ve been thinking for quite some time now to test the waters in the NFL betting world. We’re here to help you as best we can with some NFL betting tips to steer you in the right direction.

You may love just watching the games and rooting for your team, but responsibly betting on NFL games definitely can make the passive experience of watching sports it more exciting. Billions of dollars are exchanged every year on NFL bets and if you’re looking to start getting into that action, we’ll help you start with some helpful NFL betting tips.

Before we got to the actual NFL betting tips, you first need to understand what kind of bets there actually are.

Moneyline: There will be a triple-digit number at the end of the team name with a “+” (the underdog) or “-” (the favorite), that’s known as the Moneyline. If you bet the Moneyline, you’re betting on whether the team wins straight up. The simplest way to understand a Moneyline bet is on a $100 wager.

For example, if the Atlanta Falcons’ Moneyline is set at -110, you need to bet $110 to win $100. If they’re opponent, the Carolina Panthers is at +110, if you bet $100, you win $110.

Spreads: The team could also have this number next to them. When you see a “-” before the number, this means the team is giving those points (Kansas City Cheifs -4.5 means they start the game down that many points, essentially), a “+” means they are getting those points (New York Jets +4.5 means they start with a 4.5 point lead). For you to hit that bet, the team must win with that set margin.

Total: There will be a number at the end of the matchup, that is what bookmakers have predicted to be the total number of points scored in that game. You have two options: you can bet the total goes over that amount of points, or under.

Those are the basic bets you can make. Now you can easily just start looking at lines and making bets, and you may get lucky, but with these NFL betting tips, you won’t always need luck to win.

Parlay: A parlay is when you make a series of bets to turn into one large bet. You can parlay spreads, moneylines, totals, prop bets, future bets, and even bet on different sports. In order for you to hit the parlay, each bet must hit, if just one doesn’t, you win nothing. The minimum parlay is two, but you can typically have as many bets in your parlay as you want. The reward for hitting a parlay can bring a bigger payout, but the risk is great as well.

Teaser: If you’re looking for a similar type of bet to a parlay without as much risk, another option is a teaser bet. A teaser is like a parlay in that you need to pick a minimum of two games, but you can change the spread of your bets to better your chances of winning. For example, if the Detriot Lions are underdogs at +2.5, you can do a six-point tease, and now that sets them at +8.5, you can make the same adjust with an over-under as well. Betting a teaser allows you to have more of a cushion to win, but this also decreases the payout.

NFL Betting Tips


Have Realistic Expectations 

There are people that think just because they are always watching sports means they have the knowledge and can easily win. One thing you must know is that you’re not always going to win. Even the best don’t always get it right.

To know this means you can manage your betting. Before you even place a wager, set a budget. It can be a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly, but set one.

Never let betting put your well being in jeopardy.

Be Selective

You would think the more bets you make, the more opportunities there would be to make money, but it also means more opportunities to lose it.

It’s important to only make wagers on the games you feel comfortable with. That could be a few games, that could be only one.

Every week prepare on what games to bet. Read up on the matchups, watched the odds move, and look at team trends. If you feel unsure, don’t make the bet.

Case in point..

Do Your Research On The Team

Back to people saying that just because they watch sports means they can bet on sports. I hear it all the time: “I watch the games, I’m checking out the highlights, I know what to do.” There’s always more to know to help you gain an advantage.

Have you looked at injury reports? Is the injury something small or could it hinder that player’s performance? Depending on what players are questionable moves the betting line. It’s always good to consistently check the status of players.

What about their previous games? Have they played tougher teams and more competitive games or easier teams giving their starters a break?

All of these factors can play a role in that week’s game.


Do The Research On The Matchup

What’s the weather projected for that day? Warm, windy, snowing, it could all play factors in the game.

Is a West Coast team traveling across the country? West Coast teams tend to struggle because that 1 P.M. game for the home team is 10 A.M. for the visitors.

How well does that defense do against a run-heavy team vs. a pass-heavy? How about against runningbacks who average five catches per-game?

Finding out everything you can about the matchup will give you an edge. You have a whole week to find study up on this stuff.

Keep Track Of Your Betting History 

Basically, be the Monday quarterback of your bets.

First, this will help you keep track of whether or not you’re in the positive or negative during the season, but it also helps with what teams and types of games to go with or avoid.

Team A doesn’t cover the spread on the road? Don’t do it. Team B seems to hit when they play in warm weather? There you go. These opponents have hit the over in their last three matchups? You go with it. Learn and thrive from team history.

There you have it, now you know the basics behind what certain bets mean and have a few NFL betting tips in your back pocket to get things going in the right direction this NFL season.



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