Bettor Places Absurd Amount On Kings To Win NBA Title That Would Net $7.5 Million

This Massive Wager On The Kings To Win NBA Title Would Net $7 Million

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One of the major reasons sports betting has exploded in recent years is that it’s much easier to convince yourself you have a chance to win compared to hitting the slot machines or the tables at a casino. However, that’s far from the only reason it’s become an incredibly attractive outlet for gamblers.

If you’ve tried your hand at wagering on sporting events, there’s a very good chance you’ve been unable to resist the urge to throw money down on some longshot parlays thanks to the potential for astronomical returns if all your bets hit (a reality that sportsbooks appear to be taking advantage of based on some recent numbers).

Sure, you’re probably not going to follow in the footsteps of the NBA fan who turned 50 cents into $130,000 or the person who won close to $10,000 on a $1 bet during March Madness, but at least you can dream.

Multi-leg wagers like those usually require some combination of luck and knowledge to cash, and while you may be able to find some similarly high odds if you want to bet on a single outcome, there’s usually a reason they’re so favorable.

For example, Caesars had the Sacramento Kings listed at 750-1 to win next year’s NBA title on Tuesday, which makes sense when you realize the franchise went 30-52 last year, has repeatedly been the laughing stock of the draft, and hasn’t even sniffed the playoffs since 2006.

However, that apparently wasn’t enough to stop one very bold bettor from plunking down $10,000 on a futures bet that would make them almost $7.5 million richer if it somehow comes to fruition.

It’s worth noting crazier things have happened, as Leicester City was listed at 5,000-1 prior to shocking the world by winning the Premier League in 2016.

I wish whoever placed this bet the best of luck, because they’re certainly going to need it.