Kansas City Chiefs Offensive Coordinator Eric Bieniemy May Be On The Move

Kansas City Chiefs Offensive Coordinator Eric Bieniemy May Be On The Move

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Many NFL fans around the league question why Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy does not have a head coaching job. After all, he seems pretty qualified, given his success in Kansas City.

The Colorado alum and former NFL running back has put together a stellar resume in KC. He’s been instrumental in the development of Patrick Mahomes and, subsequently, the Chiefs being a Super Bowl contender.

But, he hasn’t received an NFL head coaching job, despite being a candidate for seemingly half of a decade now. Many are wondering why Bieniemy isn’t getting those offers. Some speculation is that he doesn’t interview well, or that his past arrests over 20 years ago are holding him back.

But, a report by Pro Football Talk shed some light on him potentially leaving for either a head coaching job or possibly to be an offensive coordinator somewhere.

(This article was written before the Colts appeared to have hired Eagles offensive coordinator Shane Streichen to be their head coach)

Here are some details from the article.

If Bieniemy does not get the job in Indianapolis, he’ll have multiple options, per Fletcher. Bieniemy can: (1) stay with the Chiefs as offensive coordinator; (2) become the Ravens’ offensive coordinator; (3) become the Commanders’ offensive coordinator; or (4) potentially become the Cardinals’ offensive coordinator, depending on who is hired.

He would be a huge addition for those teams as an offensive coordinator, even if he will not be the next head coach in Indianapolis.

In the meantime, he will try to win his second Super Bowl as the Chiefs’ offensive coordinator later today.

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