The Internet, Including Julian Edelman, Made So Many Jokes About Bill Belichick’s Sick ‘Danger Zone’ Hoodie

People Made So Many Jokes About Bill Belichick Danger Zone Hoodie

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  • Bill Belichick showed up to his Wednesday media session wearing a hoodie with the words “Danger Zone” on it.
  • This “interesting” fashion choice led to a ton of jokes on the internet, including one from his former player Julian Edelman.
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If there are two things we know about Bill Belichick it’s (1) he is a very good football coach, and (2) he truly DGAF about his wardrobe. (Though he does seem a little bit proud of one fancy coat that he owns.)

Oh, he’s also really good at doing things that turn him into a meme. He’s just so relatable!

On Wednesday, in the midst of getting his New England Patriots ready for their first playoff game without Tom Brady, Bill Belichick went deep into his closet for a very special fashion choice.

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Belichick was asked about his “Danger Zone” hoodie during the press conference (because HOW COULD YOU NOT?) and his response was just about what you might expect.

“Hey, Bill, real quick, I want to ask where’d you get that sweatshirt? What’s the origin of it?” a reporter asked The Hoodie.

“The player says… something that the players did… for a couple years ago,” he replied.

Wisely, the reporter then quickly moved on to a question about having to play the Buffalo Bills for the third time this season on Saturday night.

Others, who are far from the reach of a Belichick death stare – people on the internet – were not so quick to move on because it’s Bill Belichick wearing a damn “Danger Zone” hoodie!

Even one of Belichick’s former players, Julian Edelman, had to get in on the fun.

Man, the NFL just isn’t going to be the same when Bill Belichick finally decides to retire.

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