Bill Belichick And Julian Edelman Hold Hands And Joke About Meditation While Discussing Super Bowl Victory

Bill Belichick wearing a suit and cracking jokes makes me uncomfortable. This is not his natural state of being, answering questions in front of a camera. Yet, somehow, this entire interview Bill Belichick-Julian Edelman interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon went very smooth.

Highlights of this clip include Bill Belichick grabbing Julian Edelman’s hand and joking about how they used meditation at halftime to overcome the massive deficit against the Atlanta Falcons. Jimmy Fallon talking about Bill Belichick’s ‘game face’, and how it’s the greatest in the history of the game. This latter part is something that a lot of critics give Fallon shit for: being overly effusive with his guests instead of injecting any criticism back-and-forth whatsoever.

For his part, Bill Belichick was actually rather talkative during the interview. Instead of sitting there all stone faced and forcing Julian Edelman to do all of the talking, Belichick actually stayed pretty engaged in the interview. Great stuff.