Bill Belichick’s Amazing Quote About Christmas Should Be Read Aloud At His Eulogy


From July to February every year, you can bet your bottom dollar Bill Belichick will be locked away in a small room in Gillette Stadium ignoring calls from his lovely girlfriend Linda Holliday in favor of trying to devise a plan to break the will of his upcoming opponent.

Former Patriot Rob Ninkovich said last year that Belichick sleeps at Gillette for five nights a week during football season. Patriots former tight ends coach Brian Daboll recalled in the early 2000s taking an entry-level coaching assistant jobs and referring to it a “20/20 deal. Twenty hours a day for 20 grand a year.”

That relentlessness doesn’t take time off, not even around the most joyous time of year.

The New England Patriots coach asked the media if it was done with it’s shopping before catching himself being a human and sliding directly back into football robot mode.

Lets not forget, back in 2016, Belichick was coerced into admitting that he enjoyed Christmas caroling.

Can you imagine ringing Belichick’s doorbell Saturday night before a big game to sing him a song? I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

Belichick’s exception to the rule was back in 2009 when Randy Moss invited Belichick to the team Halloween party.

And the dude showed up!

It’s a holiday miracle!

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