The Way Bill Belichick Wore A Baseball Cap At The Red Sox Game Had The Internet Puzzled

Bill Belichick Red Sox Cap Jokes

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Does Bill Belichick not know how to wear a baseball cap? Because the way he wore his Red Sox cap on Sunday had Twiter scratching its head.

I mean, we know The Hoodie has a very, uh, unique sense of fashion. (Flip-flops at the Hall of Fame ceremony? Really, Bill?) He is called The Hoodie for a reason.

Dude was a guest in Boston Red Sox owner John Henry’s box and was shown on ESPN talking to Red Sox president Dave Dombrowski and the internet had many questions.

But seriously, what is going on here with Belichick’s cap?

It really is.


Okay, hold on. Maybe that’s simply how Belichick wears his hats?

Visor’s a little high on the head. And his stocking cap game is a little off.

TB12’s hat game is a little weird too. Maybe it’s a New England thing.

Here’s proof that Belichick can wear a baseball cap correctly if he so chooses.

Maybe he just didn’t want to mess up that sweet cover model ‘do of his.

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