Bill Belichick’s Animated Post-Game Embrace Of Sean McDermott After Embarrassing Loss Is The Content Sports Media Doesn’t Want You To See

Maddie Malhotra/Getty Images

Nothing gets sports media stiffer than a Brady/Belichick handshake snub.

Respected football guy Kyle Brandt used the phrase “bad for the league” to categorize Brady’s handshake snub of Jared Goff in November, a term typically reserved for topics like domestic violence and brain degeneration.

Bill Belichick’s “bad for the league” moments have been documented back two decades, born after his very first playoff loss while coaching the Browns.

Excuse me, Mr. Lloyd, sir. I don’t think he’s interested.

And then there was that horrific snub in 2018 when sports media called Child Protective Services after what Belichick did to these poor youths and the NFL launched a 14-month investigation that stalled after Goodell forgot his computer password.

It is news to no one that the Patriots got mutilated on national television, Bill Belichick broke the only cord phone left on the planet, and Cam Newton spikes balls outside of the endzone.

Belichick had every right to spit COVID-infested mucus in Sean McDermott’s eyes after the capital L Loss, but instead, the matrix glitched.

Are you sitting down for this?

I made less contact with my senior prom date than Billy did with the McDermott here (Unimportant note: I went to prom alone). 

Tough to make the case Bill Belichick is a sore loser who you can attribute all your problems to when he’s out here rounding second base with an in-division rival.