Bill Burr Stuffs Colin Cowherd In A Locker Over His Awful Baker Mayfield Takes

The Herd/Twitter

Colin Cowherd hasn’t punched his ticket aboard the Baker Mayfield train. The host of FS1’s The Herd has taken issue publicly with the Browns quarterback’s “call it how he sees it” approach with the media, and even as Mayfield has proved himself to be a more than capable NFL quarterback, the perpetually stubborn Cowherd is willing to die on the Baker hate hill.

Here was Cowherd’s take on Baker giving former coach Hue Jackson the cold shoulder and calling him “fake” for joining the Bengals soon after getting fired by the Browns:

“Why go there? Andrew Luck wouldn’t. Brees wouldn’t. Russell Wilson wouldn’t. Tom Brady wouldn’t. Don’t do it. Why go there? By the way, there’s three quarterbacks in this league that everybody likes because they’re full of big personalities. Baker, Cam [Newton], and Aaron Rodgers. How are Cam and Aaron Rodgers doing these days?”

And here’s Cowherd essentially calling Mayfield a front-runner.

“Baker Mayfield had three good games against atrocious defenses, he was in the news for three weeks. He got clobbered this weekend against Houston and he goes and hides. That’s an inconsistent personality. That’s my problem.”

Cowherd’s gripe with Mayfield has become so relentless, it is now meme-worthy.

The state of Ohio is collectively applauding comedian Bill Burr after appearing on The Herd and calling Colin out on his Baker bullshit. It is glorious.

Here’s the meat and potatoes of the exchange, transcribed by For The Win:

Burr: Once you get your opinion, you’re like crazy with it. You just won’t back down. You had a pro athlete sitting here.

Cowherd: Right here.

Burr: And you’re Gym class Jerry over here, arguing with the guy like you got drafted too. It was ridiculous. And by the way, how great is it to see excited Cleveland Browns fans?

Cowherd: It’s great!

Burr: It is great. Well, stop being The Grinch! Just give it up and say the guy’s doing the job.

Cowherd: You want me to be a soft — one of those Twitter tough guys? When a guy comes here and sits on the couch, I go right after him. You respect me for that?

Burr: No, I don’t. You and your big, dumb desk, hiding behind your microphone.

It looks like Bill’s verbal spanking caused Colin to see the light.

[h/t For The Win]

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