Blake Griffin Mocking L.A. People With ‘Sh*t L.A. People Say’ Is Laugh Out Loud Funny

Yes, yes, yes. I have never even been to L.A. because I hear they throw you in jail if you’re a carnivore. Just something my L.A. friend told me in between shredding some gnar, writing a screenplay, and eating at In-And-Out.

Blake Griffin nailed it here. Perfectly sums up that daddy’s girl who moved to L.A. because she played Cinderella in the school play in middle school and thinks she’s the next Winona Ryder. Which is fine, pursue your dreams, girl. But you have no right to treat everyone like their pursuits aren’t as worthy, you dickface.

The irony of this video is that Blake Griffin is dating Kendall Jenner, the epitome of ‘OMG my kale smoothie is sooo light on the kale I can’t even drink it.’ I hope when they’re together, Blake just repeats everything Kendall says in that Valley girl voice.