BLM Protesters Block NBA Media Bus From Getting Back To Hotel To Ask For LeBron James’ Help

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NBA media members covering Saturday night’s Lakers-Rockets game had trouble getting back to their hotel after being blocked by Black Lives Matter protesters who were looking from help from LeBron James.

Via Tim Reynolds AP

A small number of protesters carrying signs and shouting into megaphones blocked at least two buses chartered by the NBA from briefly from entering the Walt Disney World campus on Saturday night, with the group saying it wanted LeBron James, Russell Westbrook and other top players to take notice.

The group blocked charter buses carrying members of the news media and some NBA staff, but no players or team personnel. Among their chants: “Black Lives Matter” and “LeBron can you help us?” Some also carried signs with messages such as “Russell Stand With Us.”

The protesters assembled near one of the entrances and were not inside the so-called bubble, where teams, NBA staff and other have been for more than two months in some cases for the resumption of the season. They appeared to have gathered on a road that is open to the public, then stopped buses on an access road near a primary entrance to the resort.

The protesters are seeking justice 22-year-old Salaythis Melvin, who was fatally shot by an Orange County sheriff’s deputy last month and believed the bus was filled with players.

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