Booger McFarland Mentioning O.J. Simpson As An All-Time Great Did Not Sit Well With NFL Twitter

Jevone Moore/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Given all the shit we disagree about in public discourse, one thing that brings me hope for our future is that we all inherently agreed to stop talking about O.J. Simpson, the football player. We just straight up erased from our collective brains that he was a five-time First Team All Pro, former league MVP, and NFL 100th Anniversary’s All-Time Team.

Damnit, I’m talking about O.J. the football player, aren’t I?

Well Booger McFarland gets paid a lot more than I do, and he should know better.

During the same game Booger drew a cock and balls on the telestrator during Monday Night Football, the ESPN commentator listed off some NFL greats after Drew Brees passed Peyton Manning on the all-time passing touchdowns list. Among them were Jerry Rice, Tom Brady, and a guy that probably committed double murder.

There is nothing NFL Twitter loves more than to pick on a Booger.

Can we all just go back to forgetting O.J. played football now? Thanks.

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