8 Ways To Naturally Boost Your Testosterone Through The Roof

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Great form on the dumbbell throw and trash can extentions.  

Testosterone is what makes you a man. It makes you attractive to women, powers your sex drive, helps build and maintain muscle, and has even been linked to one's ambition and success.

The interesting thing is that “normal levels” of testosterone can range from 348ng/dl – 1197ng/dl. This means that some men can naturally produce 3x more testosterone and still be considered normal. If you are interested in fitness, you need to be on the high end of that range. 

Enough science stuff, I KNOW WHY YOU’RE HERE. Let's get you yoked:

1. Don't Take Steroids

Unless you want people to call you Limp Dick Larry at the age of 40, stay off the juice. When you inject testosterone/steriods into your body, your body's natural production of that hormone will reduce and possible stay reduced forever. Benching 405 for reps < Using my dick when I'm older, in my opinion.  

In reference to the video, it should be said that steroids/testosterone do not make you freak out, throw dumbbells at mirrors, and scream at young girls; being an overcompensating douchebag beta bitch causes those things. I know people who juice who would never do anything like that. 

2. Lift Heavy Assed Weights

I didn't come to the gym today to fucking lay up- This is your motto. When you lift heavy weights, signals go to your body that say; “Holy shit, Jim isn't fucking around anymore,” which will force it to produce more testosterone.

Note* There is no mystical power in lifting heavy on any particular body part, BUT any high intensity resistance training will boost you testosterone. Squats are extremely intense so I would have them and dead-lifts in your routine.


3. Sleep

Small changes such as sleeping more have been shown to raise testosterone by 50%. I know I know, you have stuff to do tomorrow morning and HUNDREDS of dimes pieces are blowing up your phone, subsequently, keeping you from proper rest. In reality, it's 2am and you're just throwing phrases like “asian ass porn” into various bit torrent websites hoping to find pay dirt. 

Put down what you're doing and get some sleep. 6-8 hours, because your gains depend on it.

4. Lose the Gut

The more fat you have on you body the more armotrase you produce, which will causes your body to convert testosterone into estrogen.

There has also been study proving that the amount of estrogen you produce has a direct correlation with the production of sandwiches. Lose the gut, or in 5 years you'll be washing dishes humming “Lady Marmalade” FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Also, this is another reason why you should lose the fat before you “bulk up.” That and because bitches love abs like 10,000x more than they love bulging neck veins.


5. Eating Healthy Fats

Research has shown that men who eat diets that are rich in fats have the highest testosterone levels.

Fats can be found is fish, nuts, and olives. This does not mean you should eat fish from long john silvers… If you eat fish from a fast food restaurant, you will probably die anyway so it's not going to matter.

When it comes to nutrition and fats you want to be as clean as possible- be like the Brady Bunch, not Taxi Cab Confessions.

6. Get out in the sun

Saw the term “Growth Naps” used on the set of Pain and Gain and immediately fell in love. Summer's upon us and, unfortunately for you, your ancestors are from England so you have the pigment of an albino unicorn.

Chances are that you're low in vitamin D and supplementation will raise your testosterone levels by 20% You can supplement with this vitamin or just make sure to take killer growth naps out in the sun. What would Walberg do?

7. Take zinc

A study taken where men avoided zinc in their diets for 5 months ended up losing 50% of their testosterone. Supplementation of Zinc has shown to not only increase your natural testosterone levels, but improve your human growth hormone as well.

Also, similarly to Vitamin D and having a gut, it can cause your body to convert testosterone into estrogen.

8. Avoid Simple Sugars

When you consume sugar, your body will have an immediate 25% decrease in testosterone that will last up to 2 hours. 

Also, Alcohol will cause a decrease in testosterone as well. You can read all about how to drink without it hurting you gains in my article: 8 Drinking Tips Every Fitness Bro Should Know

See you next week, bros,
Alex Nerney – Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Specialist, Lord of Broscience

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