Boxer/Model Ebanie Bridges Says She’s Making A Ton Of ‘Loser Money’ From Online ‘Freaks’

Ebanie Bridgers at boxing workouts

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Aussie boxer Ebanie Bridges is making a ton of money away from the ring.

Before her last fight against Shannon O’Connell, Bridges, who is currently the women’s IBF bantamweight champion, announced that she was launching her premium content subscription service.

“I expect similar controversy with this, but I thrive off of being a pioneer in the sport and hope to inspire many other women to be able to act freely without concern over how they will be judged.”

“As well as releasing exclusive never-seen-before content including; professional lingerie photoshoots, behind-the-scenes training footage and intimate home content.”

During a recent interview with the Daily Telegraph, Bridges admits that she doesn’t have to do too much because some men are willing to give her money for basically anything.

Via The Daily Telegraph

“I’ve got freaks that want to buy my dirty socks and buy my bathwater. I rinse them for it, I’ll take your money,” Bridges said. “I don’t have time for it, but if I did put my bathwater in a jar I could sell it.

“Some of these paypig guys, these findom guys, I can get two grand in half an hour from them. I’ve had people just want to pay for my bills. They’re honored to give me their money, they feel privileged to give me their loser money.”

“That’s what they say, ‘I feel so privileged to give you my pathetic, weak, loser money’. I have a few of them,”

Bridges hasn’t fought since December and plans a return to the ring this summer after having surgery on her hand.

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