Brady Quinn Says LSU Hired Brian Kelly Because It Was ‘Desperate,’ And He’s Not Wrong

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  • Brady Quinn doesn’t seem too pleased about Brian Kelly leaving Notre Dame for the LSU job.
  • The former Notre Dame QB said LSU was ‘desperate’ in making a move for Kelly, which isn’t exactly false.
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Brian Kelly leaving Notre Dame for LSU sent shockwaves through the college football world. The move seemingly came out of nowhere and essentially caught everyone, including former Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn, off guard.

Kelly spent 12 seasons at Notre Dame and had tremendous success posting a 92-39 overall record. The Fighting Irish are also 11-1 this season and do have an outside shot at making the College Football Playoff, which is why Quinn can’t really wrap his head around the fact that Kelly left South Bend.

“I think the first thing that comes to mind is why. What would entice you to go to LSU considering [Notre Dame] very well could find themselves, depending on how things play out this Saturday, in the College Football Playoff playing for a national championship.”

“That’s the awkwardness of the current situation,” Quinn said on CBS Sports HQ on Monday.

While Quinn’s point is absolutely valid, he also went ahead and called the Tigers “desperate” for hiring away the head coach of his alma mater.

“Let’s not get this twisted: LSU is desperate. They already made it very well aware they wanted Lincoln Riley. They tried to swing for the fences with some names, nothing really came through. And so, they did their best to pay Brian Kelly … I heard seven years, $100 million.”

Again, another valid point from Quinn.

While some may think Quinn calling LSU “desperate” is him taking some sort of shot at the Tigers, which maybe it was in some way, it’s also the truth.

The coaching carousel was moving fast and LSU didn’t seem capable of catching up. Lincoln Riley, who was undoubtedly towards the top of LSU’s most wanted list, took the USC job. Then, Billy Napier accepted the job at Florida. On top of that, James Franklin accepted a massive extension at Penn State not long ago, plus Jimbo Fisher seems happy at Texas A&M.

The clock was ticking so the Tigers elected to swing for the fences with Kelly and ultimately hired one of the best coaches in college football history. LSU acting in a desperate fashion and landing Kelly shows just how elite the head coaching job in Baton Rouge truly is.

Kelly may not have experience coaching in the SEC and may not seem like a perfect fit in Baton Rouge, but his resume speaks for itself, the dude is a winner.