Golf Channel’s Brandel Chamblee Torches Phil Mickelson Following His ‘Damage Control’ Apology

Golf Channel's Brandel Chamblee Blasts Phil Mickelson Following Apology

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  • Brandel Chamblee did not hold back criticizing Phil Mickelson and his apology.
  • The Golf Channel analyst believes Mickelson’s statement was all about damage control
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Phil Mickelson issued an apology for his scathing comments about the PGA Tour and not-so-scathing comments about the Saudi Golf League. To say his apology was poorly received would be an understatement. The vast majority of golf fans and media members saw right thru his hollow statement.

Golf Channel’s Brandel Chamblee was one of many well-respected people in the golf space to call out Mickelson for his apology, but his roast of the six-time major winner may be the most accurate yet.

Shortly after Mickelson issued his apology, one in which he failed to mention the PGA Tour by name, Chamblee jumped on ‘Golf Central’ and shared his thoughts about Mickelson’s statement.

“The statement was six paragraphs,” Chamblee explained. “The first paragraph was about him pretending to be a victim. The second paragraph was about him pretending to be an activist. The third and fourth paragraphs were spin damage control about him getting paid either now or certainly in the future when you consider he wrote the Saudi operating agreement for this tour.

“The last two paragraphs were him reminding everyone that he’s a good guy.”

Chamblee Doesn’t Understand Why Mickelson Wants The Game To Change

Mickelson called Saudis “scary motherf–kers” and murderers while calling the PGA Tour a “dictatorship.” Those remarks certainly caught everyone’s attention. However, the message Mickelson very poorly was ultimately trying to get across was that golf, specifically the PGA Tour, needs change.

Chamblee doesn’t understand where Mickelson is getting that idea from.

“How does [golf] desperately need change?” Chamblee asked. “The game of golf is booming. [Golf manufacturers] for the first time ever are having to deal with supply. Do they have enough supply to furnish all those fans of the game that are out there playing in record numbers? The PGA Tour is doing extraordinarily well.”

“Is it because there’s no professional golf tour on the landscape that is funded by arguably the most reprehensible regime in the world?” Chamblee questioned. “Is that how the game needs to change? I don’t think anybody thinks that’s how the game needs to change.

The fallout for Mickelson is just beginning. Nobody knows when, or even if, the lefty will find his footing again in the golf world.

Chamblee is right in calling Mickelson’s apology damage control. Mickelson is already in bed with the Saudis seeing as how he reportedly wrote the operating agreement for the breakaway tour. It seems as if Mickelson is trapped, and he’s trapped in a room all by his lonesome at the moment.