Jets’ WR Brandon Marshall Shoved Giants’ DL Cullen Jenkins Because He Threw Shade At Marshall’s Wife

You may remember yesterday when Jets’ wideout Brandon Marshall had to be restrained from going after Giants’ defensive lineman Cullen Jenkins late in the second quarter of the Jets 23-20 win at the shared Met Life Stadium.

The genesis of the skirmish has been released and it centers around Brandon’s wife, Michi Marshall.

According to ESPN, Marshall was defending his wife’s honor after Jenkins disrespected his girl.

“I think there are some things that are off limits. I believe in trash talk. Some guys get up for that. But some things are off limits. He made a comment about … he said, ‘My girl.’ He didn’t know I was married.

There is not enough money on this Earth for somebody to disrespect my wife. I just try to take it out in between the lines. I don’t care about anything at that point.”

Marshall didn’t specify the nature of the comments but did say that Jenkins apologized profusely and did not know he was married.

“The cool thing is, he didn’t know I was married, and we talked it through, and he said he didn’t mean to do it,” Marshall said. “He thought maybe I had four or five girls or something. [I’m] happily married, to one woman, my wife, Michi Marshall. And I will fight to the end for her.”

Marshall may have been so keen to accept Cullen’s apology because he absolutely torched the Giants defense for 12 catches for 131 yards and an overtime-forcing touchdown with 27 seconds left, which would be the decisive factor in the Jets’ victory. Winning heals all.

A few pics of the happy couple…

[h/t ESPN]

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