Chargers Coach Brandon Staley’s Comments About TCU Go Viral

Chargers head coach Brandon Staley speaks on NFL Draft weekend.

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Los Angeles Chargers head coach Brandon Staley was heard talking about TCU over the NFL Draft weekend. The team selected former Horned Frogs wideout Quentin Johnston with its first-round pick.

In speaking on the program, he compared TCU to a number of college football powers. Those comments have now gone viral on social media.

The Chargers grabbed a pass catcher with the 21st pick of the NFL Draft. He wasn’t in attendance at the event, but his addition to the roster made waves.

While his was widely considered one of the top receivers in the class, the NFL opted not to invite Johnston on draft night with belief that he’d potentially fall out of the first round. The league stated that it wanted to avoid the possibility of an awkward on-air moment.

They’d fail, though it wound up being Will Levis who was left awkwardly sitting at his table when the opening night ended.

Brandon Staley talked about his team’s first-round pick over the weekend, which led to a viral moment online.

“They’ve got a really outstanding team,” Staley said. “I think it’s no different than the University of Georgia or the University of Alabama. One of the top college programs.”

TCU did make its first College Football Playoff appearance last season, landing a spot in the national title after a first round upset of Michigan.

Unfortunately, they were embarrassed in that championship game by Georgia, a team Staley referenced.

The comments didn’t sit well with football fans.

Many were quick to post reactions, with most disagreeing with the head coach’s statement.

Many immediately went back to TCU’s meeting with Georgia on the field last year, when the Bulldogs beat the Horned Frogs down, 65-7.

Tough look for Brandon Staley, though his opinion of TCU football likely won’t have an impact on his first-round pick’s future in the NFL. We’ll see if Johnston sees the field early in LA for the Chargers next year.