Someone Discovered WWE Behemoth Braun Strowman’s Tinder Profile And It’s Fantastic

by 1 year ago

Can you imagine matching up with WWE Superstar Braun Strowman (real name Adam Scherr)? That’d be quite a shocker considering the carnage the man causes in, and out, of the wrestling ring (see above).

But hey, even pro wrestling monsters who stand 6’8″ and weigh 375 pounds need themselves a little lovin’ now and then. Plus, as Redditor enroxorz points out, “What else are you gonna do after beating Sami Zayn up?”

Which is why, one would assume, that Strowman was discovered on Tinder recently.


Reddit - Tinder

Now, seeing as how Strowman turned 34 on September 6th, either this profile pic is a few months old or Braun is fibbing about his age a little bit.

Either way, it’s awesome to see.

Also, this suggestion by Redditor manskies REALLY needs to happen: “Someone needs to print this out as a sign and take it to RAW next week.”


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