Oakland A’s Brett Lawrie Not Happy With Royals Pitcher Kelvin Herrera For Promise Of 100 MPH Fastball To Head

In case you missed it this weekend the Oakland Athletics and Kansas City Royals played in a series that neither team will be forgetting in the near future.

On Friday night the Athletics’ Brett Lawrie slid into and through Royals shortstop Alcides Escobar, who had to be helped from the field with an apparent leg injury.  Since baseball is a man’s game and has its own unwritten rules, retaliation would be coming and it arrived the next day when starting pitcher Yordano Ventura drilled Lawrie and got ejected.

You’d think the feud would die there, right?

Yesterday Kelvin Herrera tried to exact more revenge on Lawrie by unleashing a 100 mph fastball that luckily missed Lawrie. While the benches emptied, no punches were thrown in typical baseball fashion. Herrera was one of five Royals to be tossed during the game and made more than one motion towards his head when jawing with Lawrie.


Lawrie was understandably unhappy with the brazen gesture and didn’t hesitate to let everyone know about it.

Should be a ton of fun/slightly dangerous when these two teams meet up in Oakland.

[H/T: YouTube]