ESPN’s Brian Windhorst Calls Out Adam Schefter When Responding To Accusations Of Falling Asleep On National Television

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Earlier today, ESPN reporter Brian Windhorst appeared on the 12 pm edition of Sportscenter to take a nap while Cari Champion unsuccessfully attempted to interview him about Steph Curry and Russell Westbrook. The gaffe went viral, but Windhorst took to Twitter to let his 357,000 followers know that he was just checking his phone, not copping Z’s. He also deflected the blame by calling out his fellow ESPN colleague, Adam Schefter.

Schefter’s motto: Leave no scoops left behind.

Don’t sweat it, Brian. This isn’t the first time a reporter has gaffed on national television…

Never forget when we almost lost Schefty from a never-ending coughing fit back in 2009.

It was evidently contagious. Right, Neil Everett?

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