NBA Insider Teases Kyrie-KD Reunion In Phoenix; Here’s How It Could Happen

A Phoenix Suns logo.

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The Phoenix Suns made headlines Thursday morning with a trade for superstar Kevin Durant. An NBA insider is now teasing the idea of a KD-Kyrie reunion in Arizona next season.

Brian Windhorst of ESPN suggests that the Suns’ interest in Kyrie Irving remains. He hints that the team could revisit the idea of adding the guard over the offseason.

Both players were members of the Nets just a week ago. Now, they each find themselves in new homes with Brooklyn unloading its roster. Irving joined Luka Doncic and the Mavericks last weekend while Phoenix gave up a plethora of players and picks to land Durant.

Both players appear happy to be out of the Big Apple, Kyrie in particular.

With the moves, both teams saw significant boosts in NBA championship odds, with the Suns now being considered the betting favorite to win the Western Conference. 

Brian Windhorst believes Phoenix could look to land another big name once the 2023 season ends.

Here’s what he had to say about the possibility of Kyrie and KD teaming back up next year.

“Let me point out that Kyrie and James Harden are free agents in the summer. If you think this is over, it ain’t over. Kyrie really was interested in being in Phoenix, so just start thinking about that.”

Windhorst noted prior to his being dealt to Dallas that Kyrie Irving was “enthusiastic” about a possible trade to Phoenix.

Suns fans are obviously elated with the idea of adding one of the league’s top scoring guards to play alongside Durant and Devin Booker, though it would likely mean moving on from veteran Chris Paul.

Phoenix has reportedly “explored a change at point guard from Chris Paul,” who’s nearing the end of his contract with the organization. It’s also been rumored that the Mavericks would be interested in acquiring DeAndre Ayton in a potential trade.

Should it come to fruition, it would give the Suns three different players that are currently averaging more than 25 points a game. Phoenix would likely be considered not only the Western Conference favorite, but the NBA title pick should Kyrie join forces with KD once again.