Bro Pulls SAVAGE Prank, Lists His Buddy’s House For Sale In Exchange For Super Bowl Tickets

by 3 years ago

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It’s great when you win a bet with your buddy because your sports team beats his sorry sports team, but it sucks when that same friend comes back and pulls a ridiculously savage prank on you for talking mad shit afterwards.

That’s what happened to Denver Broncos fan Brian Lusk, who, after seeing his Broncs oust the Pittsburgh Steelers in a divisional playoff game a couple of weeks ago to end Pittsburgh’s season, seemed to gloat a little too much, because his buddy got nasty revenge.

Taking an ad out in the newspaper, Lusk’s friend not only listed the Denver fan’s house for sale, but also implied that Lusk and his wife were getting a divorce and that, since she would be left with nothing, all he wanted in return were two Super Bowl tickets to see the Broncos play.

Upon seeing the ad, Lusk’s phone didn’t only start ringing like fucking crazy, but he was getting legit offers from people who thought the house was, in fact, on the market—even though Lusk and his family moved in about six months ago—with someone actually offering a pair of tickets near midfield about 20 rows back, first-class plane tickets and a hotel suite.

Uh, that doesn’t seem like a great value for an ENTIRE house, bro.

Props to Lusk’s friend for pulling off one of the best pranks I’ve ever seen, which should also be a lesson for all those who talk way too much shit after their sports team wins and, oh yeah, a warning for Brian Lusk’s friend—because the ante just got raised a ton, so expect an even nastier response.

[H/T Bleacher Report]

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