Love Left-Turn Racing? Join BroBible’s LIVE Fantasy NASCAR League!

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There’s something sacred about Race Day. Go to a NASCAR track at about 7:30AM on Sunday morning, when it’s quiet and air is still cool, and you’ll feel an unspoken energy. You can sense the spirit of drivers about to push automobile engineering limits at 200 MPH, all in pursuit of a checkered flag. It’s a special feeling.

I’m hyped about NASCAR this year. With the Jeff Gordons and Dale Jrs of the world gracefully bowing out of the hunt, there’s an exciting field of young talent bringing a renewed spirit to the sport. It’s a good time to be a fan – To hang around the bleachers or infield with old buddies, throwback cold ones and enjoying the deafening thrill of left-turn racing.

The other day I told you about NASCAR’s new Fantasy Live game. Fantasy NASCAR is great because it keeps you emotionally invested in the season as it progresses — You’ll care just that much more about race day when you’re playing head-to-head in an office pool or with the people in your bowling league.

Which is why I want to start BroBible’s first ever NASCAR Fantasy League. We’re going to be covering racing quite a lot over the next season around here, so I thought it’d be fun to keep all our motorsports freaks engaged in a private league of our own via the NASCAR site. We’ll give out prizes to winners after big races, depending on what’s happening on any give week. Koozies, shades, whatever… I’m not sure what we have yet for this week, but we’ll line something up. Best bet is to just follow me on Twitter, where I’ll keep everyone up-to-date and we can talk NASCAR Fantasy and all that.

In the meantime, my dream is to figure out how to wrap an RV and take it to Talladega, Martinsville, Sonoma, The Monster Mile, Darlington, Richmond, Charlotte, AMS, MIS, IMS, etc. If anyone out there is interested in collaborating on such a task, e-mail me (brandon [at]…

Go sign-up here and set your starting (…er, finishing?) line-up for the BroBible NASCAR Fantasy League.

Here’s how you join if you’re on a phone:


-MAKE an account

-SEARCH the public BROBIBLE league

-SET at line-up


Boom. You’re done.

In the meantime, here’s who I have for the Daytona 500:

Happy race SZN, Bros.

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