‘Broccoli Guy’ Goes Viral At M’s Game For Bizarrely Dancing With Veggies In Pink Flamingo Romper

Seattle Mariners Fans

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One Seattle Mariners fan is going viral after being seen dancing with stalks of broccoli in the stands.

Yes, you read that right. Broccoli. He was doing so while sporting a bright pink flamingo romper in one of the oddest sights you’ll ever see at the ballpark.

We aren’t quite sure what prompted the event goer to whip out the delicious vegetable, but I guess that’s better than whipping something else out like we saw from an A’s fan earlier in the season.

Still, no matter how much you enjoy eating your greens, this seems just a bit bizarre.

It’s not like the product on the field is no good. The Mariners are far from a bad team. Hell, they’re in the thick of the playoff hunt.

So, what’s the deal?

This recent clip from the man they call “Broccoli Guy” sparked our curiosity. We did some research on the Seattle fan favorite to learn more.

Who is Broccoli Guy?

After seeing the video, we just had to learn more about the man, the myth, the legend. Broccoli Guy can apparently be found at a number of Seattle based sporting events, and he never leaves the house without his veggies.

Jim Stewart Allen is his real name and he’s a substitute teacher in the area. Here’s a little more background in a recent interview he did with the Seattle Met.

Jim Stewart Allen, a 33-year-old substitute teacher from Puyallup, has crafted himself into the city’s singular sports fanatic, Broccoli Guy. Grooving to stadium music with a floret in each hand, Allen spreads a gospel of good vibes and healthful eating.

He eats about a Costco-size bag of raw broccoli per week—and cheers everyone from the Seahawks and Mariners to the Seawolves rugby team, all while clad in a signature romper that echoes a ’90s Solo cup.

He didn’t start with broccoli, though. His first time on SportsCenter saw him dancing with a pair of potatoes in his hands. Now, he’s moved on to the green.

Fans couldn’t help but react after seeing Broccoli Guy pop up again at the baseball game.

Fans react to seeing the broccoli loving fan

Some fans were supportive.

Others didn’t know how to react.

But most just chalked it up to the city of Seattle.

This nickname seems fitting. Maybe he’ll bring a new veggie with him to the next Mariners’ game.

Whatever the case, it looks like he’s enjoying himself. Hopefully he can make an appearance in the postseason if Seattle is able to sneak into the playoffs.

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