Watching Brock Lesnar Destroy A Brand New Cadillac On ‘Raw’ Was Fun Until He Hit A Fan With A Tossed Car Door

In case you missed Raw last night, and judging by some of the recent TV ratings plenty of people have been avoiding it lately, Seth Rollins bought his pals in J&J Security a brand new Cadillac (yes, two grown men are expected to share one car) and former WWE Champion and current nice guy Brock Lesnar showed up to give the car some last minute detail work.

He smashed the shit out of it with axes and other random weapons. The guy didn’t even ATTEMPT to suplex the ride, much to the disappointment of “the world.”

In the moment, Brock got a little too excited, and tossed a car door across the arena like it was a dirty t-shirt. Unfortunately, a fan was injured during the segment and WWE officials and paramedics had to tend to the guy.

Looks someone else will be getting a brand new Cadillac.

[via SEScoops]