Brooklyn Cylones Release Details About George Costanza ‘Whale Story’ Bobblehead And How To Get It

George Costanza Marine Biologist Seinfeld

NBC / Seinfeld

The Brooklyn Cyclones have released details of what many are already considering the greatest bobblehead ever created: George Costanza, Marine Biologist.

The bobblehead pays homage to the Seinfeld episode in which George Costanza saved a whale’s life by extracting a golf ball from its blowhole, a golf ball that landed there via Cosmo Kramer.

George Costanza bobblehead night will be held on August 19th which the Brooklyn Cyclones are calling ‘Seinfeld Night: The Summer of George’.

Tickets are currently available for ‘Seinfeld’ night on the Brooklyn Cyclones’ website for $20 a seat and the first 2,500 fans get a George bobblehead. Or for $35/ticket, you can guarantee that you receive George Costanza Bobblehead upon arrival.

If none of this is ringing a bell, or if it only sounds vaguely familiar, here is the infamous ‘Beached Whale’ story from George on Seinfeld during Season 5, episode 14, ‘The Marine Biologist’.

It is quite possible this Costanza bobblehead will break the Internet once released. Cyclones fans were very enthusiastic on Twitter about it:

This sums up the reactions of many:

Blank check:

Keep in mind that tickets to the Cyclones game on August 19th, Costanza bobblehead night, will 100% sell out. So if you’re at all interested you might want to buy tickets sooner than later.