Brooklyn Nets’ Cory Jefferson Threw Up The Season’s Ugliest Airball

Cory Jefferson is averaging 2.7 points off the bench for the Brooklyn Nets. The second-year player from Baylor doesn’t get much press so I feel a little bad for posting the lowest moment of his young career on our website.

On the other hand:


Evidently some people are saying this is actually a pass. Those people are wrong. This was a shot and no one can convince me otherwise.

On the video you can hear Chicago Bulls broadcaster Stacey King just giving it Jefferson. I’ll try to be a little more kind and suggest someone opened several doors simultaneously causing an violent gust of wind just as the big man released his attempt.

The important thing is that Jefferson didn’t do this when Will and Kate were in attendance. Such a display would have become an international incident and likely convinced England it was time to reclaim the colonies.

[H/T: Sports Illustrated]