These Brooklyn Nets Fans Couldn’t Be Happier About Kevin Durant Leaving The Team

These Brooklyn Nets Fans Couldn't Be Happier That Kevin Durant Is Leaving

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  • Kevin Durant is on his way out the door on BK and many Brooklyn Nets fans are happy to see him leave.
  • The reaction from the NBA world runs the full spectrum of emotions but ‘relief’ is one a lot of Nets fans are feeling.
  • Here’s a collection of tweets from Brooklyn Nets fans celebrating the imminent departure of Kevin Durant.

The NBA world stopped spinning for a brief moment on Thursday afternoon when news broke that Kevin Durant had requested a trade out of Brooklyn. This news came just two days after Kyrie Irving opted into his $37 million extension with the Brooklyn Nets and it appeared as if the team was going to stay intact.

Thursday has been a pretty wild day for sports news. Baseball is really the only major TV sports attraction after the NBA Finals and Stanley Cup finals wrapped up and the NFL is still 70 days away. Things have been slow… Then came news that USC and UCLA were leaving the Pac 12 for the Big 10 followed shortly by this massive Kevin Durant transfer news.

Reactions from the NBA world span the full spectrum of emotions but I figured we could take a look at some Brooklyn Nets fans who are celebrating Kevin Durant leaving. I was personally having a conversation on Tuesday with a friend who’s a diehard Nets fans. He was ready to find a new team because KD and Kyrie are so obnoxiously dramatic and I think that’s not exactly an uncommon sentiment amongst Nets fans…

These Brooklyn Nets Fans Couldn’t Be Happier That Kevin Durant Is Leaving

They brought so so so much drama for Brooklyn Nets fans to digest on a daily basis…

I’m sure there are many more Brooklyn Nets fans out there who are devastated Kevin Durant is leaving the team. Kevin Durant has already revealed his short list of teams he’d like to be traded to and SHOCKER, they’re contenders who are already stacked so he could show up and do the bare minimum…