Watch Out, The Brooklyn Nets Could Be Up To Something During This NBA Hiatus

brooklyn nets

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The coronavirus has swept the entire sports world by storm, leaving fans to wonder when and if their favorite teams will be playing again during the 2020 season. With rumors swirling that the NBA may not be back up and running until July, I can’t help but think that Kevin Durant is somewhere in Brooklyn with a championship ring on his mind.

The Brooklyn Nets currently sit in the No. 7 spot in the Eastern Conference standings with a banged-up Kyrie Irving and a 30-34 record. With what looks like a three-month hiatus for the NBA underway, I would want no part of the Nets as a No. 2 seed in the East come playoff time. Three months off seems like the perfect rest period to get Irving and Durant healthy and back on the floor.

With so much uncertainty on when the sports world will get back to normal, it’s hard to even think about the thought of a Durant 2020 return. Question after question begins to linger on how things will be moving forward. Will there be a shorter regular season? Will the league cancel the regular season and just skip right into the playoffs? Or even the question that’s been in my head, is it fair to give LeBron James three months to rest before the offseason?

These are all questions that we do not have the answer to, so feel free to continue to predict the unpredictable because right now nothing is off-limits. Even the thought of the Brooklyn Nets winning the 2020 NBA Championship.