Golf Fans Are Absolutely Laying Into Brooks Koepka For Reversing Course And Joining The LIV Golf Series

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  • Brooks Koepka officially made the jump from the PGA Tour to LIV Golf on Tuesday.
  • Koepka had recently slammed Phil Mickelson for joining the league and said he only cares about playing in top competitions.
  • Now golf fans are calling him on those words, and they’re not taking it easy it on him.

Wherever Brooks Koepka goes, controversy seems to follow him.

Koepka has previously called the game of golf “boring,” started and maintained a feud with fellow LIV defector Bryson Dechambeau, and called Phil Mickelson greedy for joining the new tour.

Flash forward a handful of months and that’s all coming back on him. Koepka officially confirmed that he is leaving the PGA Tour for LIV Golf in a move many saw coming on Tuesday.

Now he’s getting absolutely slammed by the golf world, particularly for the Mickelson comments. Koepka was never the most popular player on the PGA Tour. Now he may be a downright enemy.

The jokes are flying across golf twitter, but the pick up is unquestionably huge for LIV Golf. Koepka is by far the most competitive, big-name player they’ve sign alongside Dustin Johnson. The four-time major winner is in the prime of his career. He’s considered a threat to win any major he enters despite recent injuries.

But that isn’t going to stop people from calling him out over his incredible backtracking.


Koepka could well be the one to swing the tide in favor of LIV. But early returns show fans are not at all happy with his decision.

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