Video Shows Just How Much Brooks Koepka Can Not Stand Bryson DeChambeau As Their Rivalry Hits An All-New Level

brooks koepka bryson dechambeau


  • Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau have a history, but a new video shows us just how little Koepka cares for DeChambeau.
  • Koepka completely loses his cool during an interview after DeChambeau walks behind him at the PGA Championship.
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Most were already aware that Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau weren’t the best of friends given their spats with one another over the last couple of years, but a new video from the PGA Championship really puts into perspective just how little Koepka cares for DeChambeau.

The video, which looks to have been taken following Friday’s second round of the PGA Championship, shows an already visibly frustrated Koepka step in front of the camera for a quick interview with Golf Channel’s Todd Lewis.

While Koepka is explaining how tough it was to putt in the conditions on Friday and how he got around the Ocean Course purely off of his ball-striking, DeChambeau walks directly behind Koepka, who reacts by closing his eyes in disgust multiple times and delivering some pretty epic eye rolls.

Koepka takes a pause and says “I lost my train of thought hearing that bulls-it” before the interview essentially ends on that note.

DeChambeau may have said something prior to walking behind him that Koepka didn’t appreciate, it’s not entirely clear in the video. Nevertheless, the clip doesn’t bode all that well for Koepka.

DeChambeau was able to get that sort of reaction from Koepka by allegedly reacting to what he was saying in the interview and walking behind him? It’s a pretty bizarre scene, but also incredibly entertaining.

DeChambeau and Koepka have traded jabs on Twitter on multiple occasions, but this whole thing started at the 2019 Northern Trust Open when DeChambeau took over two minutes to hit an 8-foot putt in the tournament.

Koepka, who has voiced his frustrations with slow play, didn’t like it one bit and it was later reported that DeChambeau approached Koepka’s caddie at the tournament saying that if Koepka has a problem with his slow play, he should talk to him about it face-to-face.

Then you had Koepka essentially accuse DeChambeau of using steroids in reference to his quick bulk-up just after winning the 2020 Rocket Mortgage Classic. There was that whole incident with the ants in Memphis, too.