Owner Of Brothel Where Lamar Odom Overdosed And Nearly Died Invites Him Back With Free Girls And Booze


Out of the absolute kindness from the bottom of his heart and the urge to shamelessly get free publicity for his legal whorehouse, Dennis Hof has made a tremendous offer to Lamar Odom. Hof, the owner of the brothel where Odom OD’d and nearly died last year, is offering the former basketball star companionship with the ladies of his Love Ranch for free, plus unlimited booze!

“First night and 2 girls are on me, plus all the Remy Martin you can drink,” Hof told TMZ.
The Hof said he will personally ensure L.O.’s privacy by shutting down the security cams and collecting all phones.

On one hand, never look a gift horse in the mouth right? Unlimited alcohol AND two women to make every one of your sick and twisted sexual fantasies come true? Maybe Lamar can get a 12-hour fuck sesh out of Hof with two girls. Let’s say that I haven’t researched this topic before and don’t already know that they independent sex workers at the ranch make like $1,500 an hour. That would put the suggested retail price of just the “company” of the women at $36,000. Plus your five bottles of Remy Martin VSOP will set you back about $200. If someone offered you a free $36,200 automobile wouldn’t you take it?

I guess on the other had, Lamar probably didn’t have fond last memories of the Love Ranch. Allegedly has was doing crack cocaine the entire weekend romp that ended with him unconscious, foaming from the mouth and vomiting blood. Then Odom was in a coma, and reportedly suffered heart, kidney and lung failure, with likely brain damage. Plus it may be a real deal breaker with any chance at reconciliation with Khloe Kardashian.

Decisions, decisions.

Can Lamar take the offer and then give it to someone more deserving who won’t almost die, say a struggling blogger for a men’s interest website?

Hit me up Lamar.