Bryson DeChambeau’s Diet Is Packed With As Many As 6 Shakes Each Day And A Ton Of Other Heartiness

PGA golfer Bryson DeChambeau shares the daily diet he eats to help him stay strong

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Bryson DeChambeau is basically the PGA Tour’s version of Happy GIlmo-my-God, as the 26-year-old is known for absolutely crushing the golf ball off the tee. Recent videos have shown DeChambeau launching tee shots beyond belief, with a few nearly driving the green at the recent Travelers Championship. That’s some seriously raw strength.

While DeChambeau clearly works out — and isn’t shy in showing everyone his gains on social media — it takes more than just crushing it in the gym to crush the golf ball. Sure, a guy could be three bills and nimble, but it takes more than that to actually keep the muscle to kill a golf ball off the tee. That’s why Bryson DeChambeau makes sure he’s eating right to stay slim, trim and toned.

So what is exactly Bryson DeChambeau’s diet? Take a look below at all the shit he packs into his stomach in a day — which sure is a perfect balance for his 6’1″, 240-pound frame.

Sheesh, is anyone else overwhelmed by DeChambeau’s diet, or is it just me? I mean, six protein shakes a day seems a little bit excessive, but, then again, the dude has gone through a wild body transformation like no other golfer probably has before; so it kind of makes sense that he’s sucking down shakes at every opportunity.

Look, Bryson’s become a big boy these days — and with that amount of protein, one would imagine the golfer sure blows up a bathroom after a days worth of grub. So, naturally, when people on Twitter saw what he’s eating every day, they couldn’t help but comment with a little bit of shock.

Being a pro athlete has its benefits: potential for lots of money, fame, free shit, etc. But one of the underrated things is eating like a king and not worrying about packing on bad weight; since these guys workout like crazy to stay in shape. I there’s anything Bryson DeChambeau’s diet proves, it’s that eating like a king comes as part of his job — and that’s pretty cool.

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