Bryson DeChambeau Intrigued By ‘Interesting’ Super League, Says He Won’t Be The First To Sign Up

bryson dechambeau super league

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  • Bryson DeChambeau sees the proposed Super League Golf as a distraction this week, but he certainly isn’t closing the door on possibly joining.
  • If the top players in the world jump to the Super League, DeChambeau sounds like he’d at least entertain following suit.
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Super League Golf simply will not go away. In fact, the whispers about the proposed breakaway golf circuit have evolved into legitimate conversations as SLG officials are reportedly at Kiawah Island this week for the PGA Championship looking to talk with the top players in the game and their agents.

Bryson DeChambeau is obviously a name towards the top of SLG’s list of players they’d like to poach away from the PGA Tour and DeChambeau seems to be listening, but from a distance.

Like any other PGA Tour member keeping their ears open to the Super League, DeChambeau is walking a bit of a tight rope. PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan has reportedly told players that if they do join the Super League or Premier Golf League then they would lose their Tour membership.

“From my perspective, I’m not trying to make anybody mad,” DeChambeau said. “I’m not trying to make anybody side on one side. I just want the best for the players and for the fans, and whatever players do in regards to this Tour or whatnot is going to make my decision.

“My agent has been telling me about it, but we don’t want to ruffle any feathers,” he continued. “We just want to go play golf and I would say give the fans the best experience they could possibly have.”

Putting the focus on entertaining the fans is not a bad tactic from DeChambeau. It’s better to say that it’s about the fans and not about the astronomical payday he’d receive if he joined the SGL, even though the money is the driving factor here. Dustin Johnson has reportedly been offered $30 million to join the proposed league and DeChambeau would likely receive a similar figure.

The toughest goal the SGL has to accomplish is to actually get one of the top players in the game to commit. If DeChambeau were the first, other players would likely join, but he explained that he’ll never be the first to break away.

“If it’s with the Super League then it’s with the Super League, but I will never do anything first. I will never be anybody that goes first in something like that. It’s got to be the Tour coming together and saying this is better for the fan experience.”

“The PGA Tour has given me an amazing opportunity, and there’s a relationship there that I don’t want to hurt. There’s a relationship there that I have with the USGA, the PGA, Augusta and the British Open that we don’t want to hurt, and it’s a very difficult, weird situation I think the players are in.”

DeChambeau also admitted that all the talk about the SGL was a “complete distraction” this week at the PGA Championship which again shows that he and his team are at the very least listening to the noise.