The Buffalo Bills Are Concerned About Flying Dildo Potentially Injuring Tom Brady Or Josh Allen On Sunday

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There’s a very good chance that a dildo ends up on the field during Sunday’s Pats-Bills game in Buffalo on Sunday.

Last year the Bills mafia managed to throw a total of three dildos of varying length and girth onto the field during a nationally televised Monday Night Football game.

Gambling website Betonline apparently believes that a dildo will be thrown this weekend.

The Buffalo Bills organization is not happy with the Bills mafia and would like them to do away with the dildo throwing tradition before someone gets hurt. Before this week’s game, Bills exec Dave Wheat spoke to The Athletic about how serious the dildo throwing matter is to him.

Via The Athletic

“It’s Patriots week,” said Bills chief administrative officer Dave Wheat, “and that we have to contemplate if some fan is going throw a dildo on the field is ridiculous.”

“What if Josh Allen is running, steps on it and tears his ACL?” Wheat asked. “What are the ramifications? What if Tom Brady got injured?

“This community would never live that down. People need to realize these are professional athletes, and you’re literally putting their health and safety at risk.”

I understand where Mr. Wheat is coming from but the visual of Tom Brady slipping on a dildo is fucking hilarious. With that being said, hopefully the Bills mafia keeps the safety of the players in mind when they throw their dildos.

h/t Total Pro Sports