If You’re Bored And In Buffalo, The Bills Could Really Use Your Help Shoveling Snow At Ralph Wilson Stadium

Buffalo is being hammered by enough to snow to freak most people out. As it’s been noted in our comments many times, actual Buffalo residents are hearty people who don’t think Hoth-like conditions are a big deal. God bless you people. Also, you are insane. Human beings should not live like this.

Anyway, Sunday’s Bills-Jets game is still scheduled for 1 p.m. That means all this needs to be taken care of so Rex Ryan’s guys can get out there and give away some turnovers.

Don’t worry. The team has a solid plan to make Ralph Wilson Stadium playable by gametime: by outfitting fans with snow shovels.

Ten bucks an hour, huh? What a steal. Wonder if the Bills have a plan in place for the inevitable heart attack suffered by an out-of-shape fanboy in over his head.


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