Want Big Muscles? These Are The 9 Best Compound Lifts For Overall Mass

Size matters. Don’t think for a minute that your girl feels any different and although she may tell you that you are big enough, you can only do so much about your dick size. So instead of giving in because of your shortcomings, take her attention away from that three-inch killer by building up your overall muscle mass.

When it comes to putting on size, that means you must implement compound movements into your workout routine. A good mix of these power-based exercises and isolation movements is the perfect combination for a physique that is big and detailed at the same time and allows you to lift heavier weight with the compound ones.

Here is our suggestion for the 10 best compound movements in reverse order:

9 – PULL-UPS (Back/Biceps)

The favorite prison exercise and one that will give you an amazing lat spread and a grip strength that will wear out your foreskin, hence the jailbird attraction. Can be done just about anywhere you can find a strong overhead bar.

8 – DIPS (Triceps/Chest)

While we have the prison as a topic, here’s another one that you can ad lib and do even in between two strong sinks in the shithouse. This will hit your tris and the outer chest, which is the most difficult part to get hard

7 – DUMBBELL PULLOVERS (Lower Chest, Back, Ribcage)

These give you an amazing stretch and really hit some hard to reach areas like no other exercise can. The best way to do them is by lying across a bench instead of on one and make sure not to have you ass sticking up, which will give your body momentum and do the rep for you.

6 – INCLINE BENCH PRESSES (Upper Chest, Triceps, Shoulders)

The key to doing this exercise and working the pecs properly is to not use a grip that is too wide. Shoulder width at the most should be your threshold. You’ll see powerlifters using a really wide grip and that’s fine for them since they are only interested in pushing up as much weight as they can for a single rep. You’re trying to build muscle.

5 – MILITARY PRESSES (Shoulders, Triceps, Traps)

Seated or standing, this is an effective movement that will really hit your front delts at the bottom of each rep. You can try to keep the shoulders working even harder with more time under tension by stopping just short of locking out your elbows at the top.

4 – BENT OVER ROWS (Back/Biceps)

There are so many different back exercises to do that you can go weeks at a time before repeating one. Do yourself a favor and make bent over rows one of those you do EVERY time you train lats.

3 – DEADLIFTS (Back/Hamstrings)

Your overall strength will improve from doing deads and this is one of those movements where you can always have a ‘heavy day.’ Because the range of motion is fairly short – and you are using the floor at the bottom of the rep – feel free to slap a few wheels on each end.

2 – FLAT BENCH PRESS (Chest/Triceps, Shoulders)

Same advice as the inclines as far as the grip width goes. Many people have foregone flat presses because it is easy to get injured doing them. So take some precaution and try to engage your shoulder as a secondary muscle as least as possible.

1 – SQUATS (Legs)

The king of them all. Yes, squatting will help your overall strength and should be a part of every leg workout. Keeping your feet shoulder width apart or slightly less will work the entire thigh with added emphasis on the outer part, i.e.: the teardrop.