You Can Now Own The Same Kobe Bryant Shirt That Kanye Rocked At Kobe’s Last Game

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First off, R.I.P. Kobe.

Yes, I’ll agree, we’ll never see a player like him again. But also, I’ve been sick of the Kobe Bryant Kool-Aid for 2 or 3 years at this point. Yes, he was one of the greatest players of all-time, but the last few years, I feel like I could have beaten him in H-O-R-S-E if I put a couple of drinks in him. His big farewell tour was really just an amazing way for him to hide the fact that the Lakers are a dumpster fire fueled by hot garbage. And dropping 60 points in his final game? I could probably make 30 baskets too if every second my team was on offense was spent passing me the ball so I could shoot it.

Regardless, Kobe has become a national icon. And, since he’s a member of the Los Angeles elite, pretty much everyone wants to be his boy. Including Yeezy. Hence why Yeezy made a custom shirt to represent his (hopefully) new bff.

Luckily, since it’s 2016, Kanye has made this shirt available to the public for $65 on his website. Does the back of the shirt have a gothic gravestone vibe to it? Yes, but also, I don’t see a situation where I don’t buy this. Any chance I get to look like Kanye is a chance I’m going to take, no matter how much it hurts my wallet.

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