The Cardinals Absolutely Roasted Stephen A. Smith On Twitter After He Tore Into Kliff Kingsbury

stephen a smith Kliff Kingsbury


Over the years, Stephen A. Smith has perfected the art of the hot take (as well as the ice cold take) and become an expert at pissing people off in the process.

You’d think that someone who gets paid to talk about sports for a living would make an effort to not come off like a complete idiot but Smith has been repeatedly put on blast for coming off as absolutely clueless on an impressively consistent basis.

You don’t have to search too hard for clips highlighting Smith’s ignorance but I don’t know if there’s a single moment that sums up his ineptitude than when he absolutely botched the analysis of a game between the Chargers and the Chiefs last month.

On Wednesday, Smith went on one of his trademark rants went he ripped into the Arizona Cardinals for hiring Kliff Kingsbury because.. he looks like a contestant on The Bachelor?

The ever-colorful commentator tore into the Cardinals for picking Kingsbury to helm the team, citing his lack of experience and subpar record as a college coach:

“The man didn’t even have a .500 record at Texas Tech. He got an offensive coordinator’s job at USC, and before he had a chance to take a leak, this brother’s got a head coaching job in the National Football League.”

Smith might kind of have a point but that didn’t stop the Cardinals from clapping back by referencing the Chargers-Chiefs debacle in an absolutely stellar rebuttal.

Got ’em.

Of course, only time will tell if Smith’s criticisms are valid or if this will just become another in a long line of freezing cold takes.

My money’s on the latter.

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