Carmelo Anthony Decided To Palm Steph Curry’s Head Instead Of Playing, You Know, Actual Defense

After a relatively slow start at the Garden last night, the Warriors pasted the Knicks by 21 points and the bonus — at least for the Warriors — was that Steph Curry had almost nothing to do with it. He didn’t shoot well (5-of-17, 13 points), but he’s still Steph Curry and that means when Steph Curry has the basketball and is threatening to possibly throw it into the air, the best course of action is to palm his head in order to prevent such madness from occurring.

The best way to describe ‘Melo’s defensive approach here is “dear God, please don’t make an ass of me here, man.”

Even Clyde Frazier was openly laughing.

‘Melo was obviously whistled for the foul, which was the emergency rescue tube he was begging for, and after the game Curry called it “great defense.”

Perfect. Steph Curry even has an enjoyable way of being a dick. There’s nothing this dude can’t do right.

The next victim for the 44-4 Warriors are the Wizards on Wednesday night in D.C.