Mike Tannenbaum Believes Carson Wentz Will Be The Worst QB In The AFC South In 2021

carson wentz worst qb in afc south

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With the Carson Wentz trade finally coming to fruition last week with his shipment to Indianapolis, the media’s attention toward him has now turned from ripping on him in an Eagles jersey to predicting how well, or in this particular case how poorly, he’ll do with the Colts.

The AFC South is by no means the strongest division in football in terms of starting quarterbacks, especially if Deshaun Watson does get dealt by the Texans this offseason. While Watson is undoubtedly the top quarterback in the division, you have Ryan Tannehill with the Titans and then a question mark that will soon turn into Trevor Lawrence with the Jaguars.

Despite the fact that Lawrence has thrown as many passes in the NFL as I have, zero, former NFL front office man Mike Tannenbaum believes Wentz will be the worst QB in the division in 2021.

The former VP of football for the Dolphins joined Get Up on Monday morning and made his case as to why Wentz will be the No. 4 QB in the division.

“In my opinion [the Colts] have the fourth best quarterback in the division,” Tannanbaum said. “Ryan Tannehill has led Tennessee to the No. 1 offense since he’s been there. I’m assuming Deshaun Watson is still a Texan, but I know there’s a lot there. Trevor Lawrence is going to be a better quarterback than Carson Wentz. Carson Wentz struggled with confidence and struggled with turnovers.”

Wentz has certainly shown he has the ability to be a great quarterback in the NFL, but as Tannenbaum pointed out, his confidence has to be rather low at the moment which isn’t necessarily a quick fix. Having said that, the Colts have a stellar offensive line, which should make the adjustment a bit smoother for Wentz.

On the other hand, the Jaguars roster is a mess at the moment. That’s not to say Lawrence won’t have a strong rookie campaign, but Jacksonville needs many more pieces around him to change the outlook of its season.