This Caucasians T-Shirt is Selling Like Hot Cakes on Canadian Reserves

This shirt making fun of Cleveland Indians mascot Chief Wahoo is currently very popular on Ontario First Nations’ reserves. And why wouldn’t it be? This thing is a gem, even if the idiotic-looking dude with the toothy grin bears a stunning resemblance to myself.

One proud owner of the shirt explained the thought process behind the movement.

“I thought how hypocritical that he would be accused of racism for wearing a shirt that turns the tables in a satirical way of how our image as native people has been misappropriated by the Cleveland Indians, Washington Redskins and the like,” Bomberry said.

“I have read comments of some of the fans of those sports teams who say they are ‘honouring’ us with those images,” Bomberry said. “So I have to say unequivocally I do not feel honoured by those outdated, offensive team mascots and names, and think its time they be changed. And if we can draw attention to that by turning the tables using a bit of humour then why not?”

The shirt has been around since 2007, but is enjoying a boom thanks to some recent controversy. Ojibwa singer DJ NDN of A Tribe Called Red was accused of racism after wearing one on stage. Meanwhile, millions of Atlanta Braves and Washington Redskins fans roam the streets with similar shirts in peace.

I do worry about naming an actual team Caucasians. The chants about the whiteys being superior to all the rest would sort of negate the point

[H/T: Toronto Star]