Watch Jaylen Brown Posterize A Mavs Defender Then Immediately Celebrate With Kevin Garnett On The Sidelines

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  • Jaylen Brown put Mavericks forward Maxi Kleber on a poster during Sunday’s game
  • Brown promptly celebrated with Kevin Garnett on the sidelines after the dunk
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The Boston Celtics hosted the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday looking to improve their standing in the competitive Eastern Conference.

Boston unfortunately left with a three-point defeat in the Garden, falling by a score of 95-92.

While the team lost, the highlight that’s being talked about most involves a monstrous slam dunk by Celtics guard Jaylen Brown.

Brown soars through the air, putting an emphatic jam over the top of Dallas forward Maxi Kleber. Kleber stands 6-foot-10-inches tall, so you can imagine the hops it took for Brown to get to the hoop.

Check out the clip below.

Brown’s dunk was so ridiculous that it caused one former NBA star to jump up out of his seat.

At the end of the clip, you can see Brown actually dap up a viewer in the front row of the Celtics crowd. That viewer was none other than NBA champion and Hall of Famer Kevin Garnett.

Garnett, himself, was known for his incredible ability to embarrass defenders on the floor. KG was one of the most disrespectful dunkers of his era.

Now, he’s seeing the next generation come through. Check out Garnett’s reaction below.

Garnett was actually in the arena to have his jersey retired by the Celtics on Sunday afternoon. Jaylen Brown made sure to give the former star a show.