Wingsuit BASE Jumper Films POV Crash At 90MPH And I Can’t F’n Believe He Lived Through This!!!!

Eric Dossantos is recovering after at 90mph wingsuit BASE jump crash in Chamonix, France that has left him with a laundry list of injuries. The crash actually took place on September 29th but this POV footage of Eric Dossantos’ wingsuit crash only just hit the web in conjunction with a GoFundMe set up by one of Eric’s bros to help cover the cost of his medical bills. His POV footage of the crash is INTENSE, to say the least, but leading up to the crash is some mind-blowlingly gorgeous footage:

The GoFundMe states that Eric does have ‘good insurance‘, but they don’t yet know the full extent of his injuries and a quick look at this list of injuries they do know about is blowing my mind right now:

Left scapula fracture, left acromian fracture, left neck abrasion, left clavicle fracture, 3 left side rib fractures, left hemopneumothorax, grade 1, liver laceration, head trauma, multiple scalp lacerations.

Frankly, I’m shocked that Eric Dossantos can crash into those trees at 90mph and fall all the way down to the forest’s floor and not die…I mean, how long did it take for a rescue team to get to him? How long was he nursing his wounds solo out there in the forest?

Injuries aside, this was some of the coolest wingsuit base jumping footage I’ve ever seen. I’m blown away with how close he gets to the forest floor before being able to pull back up above the tree line…until he crash lands at 90mph and puts himself in the hospital for weeks (months?). If you’re sympathetic to Eric’s cause and want to help ease the blow of his medical bills you can follow that link above and head on over to the GoFundMe set up in his name!

…(h/t GrindTV)…