Chargers Troll Raiders Fans With Amazing Easter Egg In Schedule Release Video

2023 Chargers anime schedule release video

Los Angeles Chargers

Over the past few years, NFL teams have engaged in a viral arms race thanks to an annual tradition that’s unexpectedly become one of the most anticipated events on the league calendar: schedule release day.

What used to be a fairly straightforward affair has transformed into a bit of a spectacle thanks to marketing departments across the league that have used the occasion as an excuse to flex their creative muscles and create some Tremendous Content in the process.

The Los Angeles Chargers were the undisputed champions of 2022 thanks to the truly epic anime-inspired video they dropped to drum up excitement ahead of the season.

That was a very hard act to follow, and the franchise wisely subscribed to the “If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It” mentality in 2023 by harnessing the same formula to reveal its slate of games for the upcoming regular season.

Los Angeles included a number of fantastic references while poking fun at other teams, including:

The Raiders were also on the receiving end of a couple of shots, including a slot machine that mocked Las Vegas for being forced to settle for Jimmy Garoppolo after missing out on some other slightly more lucrative quarterbacks.

However, they really went above and beyond thanks to the easter egg in the segment concerning their Week 15 matchup with the guys in silver and black.

Chargers troll Raiders fans with QR code in schedule release video

Los Angeles Chargers

The “-72,750,000” is a reference to the money Garoppolo stands to receive after signing a three-year contract, but there’s also a QR code that will bring you to the following landing page if you scan it with your phone.

Chargers-Raiders ticket page

Clicking the first option will allow you to peruse the various tickets up for grabs, but here’s what you’ll be treated to if you opt for the one reserved for Raiders fans.

Well played.

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